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Thursday, October 26, 2006

10 Tips for Effective Motivational Speaking

There are10 basic steps to effective motivational speaking.

1. Get Expert Advice.
Even if you are a genius at the topic of interest remember the adage, "A prophet is not without honor except in his own home." However, if you have been invited in by another organization...have at it!

2. Regularly Update Your Material.
Always to a last minute review of arguments against your position. You never know when there will be snipers in the audience.

3. Know Your Audience.
Have a variety of presentations for the same topic. You would not make the same motivational speech to the United Autoworkers of America that you would make to the United Business Owners of America.

4. Own the Stage.
Realize you are not a "sage on a stage." You are a performer and if you wish to speak with motivational success you must put on a great show. And like the star of any show, you must rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

5. Keep the Message Clear.
Do not send mixed messages to your audience. If you don't believe in a cause that will motivate that audience, leave it for someone who does.

6. Be Prepared.
Shooting from the hip is the best way to get gunned down.

7. Keep it Simple.
When you speak to audiences on a motivational level, do not attempt to develop a brain trust. keep your message simple. Keep your message strong.

8. Body Language.
Nothing will cool an audience quicker than a speaker who hides behind the lectern or seems uncomfortable with their own appearance. This is one case where studying (not imitating) another is a valuable tool. Whether or not you agree with the political positions or lives of the American Kennedy males you must give the devil his due in that these men are "comfortable in their own skin." This is a level of self actualization all motivational speakers must strive toward.

9. Seek Eye Contact.
Engage various members of the audience with direct eye contact. Seek out those natural leaders who others seem to gravitate toward and spend several seconds speaking as if only to them.

10. Leave Them Wanting More.

By and large a motivational message that last more than 45 minutes has gone on too long.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Helpful. Thanks

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Espana said...

I find this article very helpful with the perspective I am currently working

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Motivational Speaker Adelaide said...

The tips you gave are indeed very helpful to me, it really motivated me in my speaking engagement making speak more calmly and direct...

2:05 AM  

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