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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Your Own Maladaptive Behavior

If you have run into a plateau or a block in your personal or professional development it may be due to some maladaptive behaviors on your part. The first step to getting beyond the wall is conduct a functional assessment of your own behavior.

First of all, what is maladaptive behavior?

There is no universally accepted definition. So, it may be easier to decide what maladaptive behaviors consist of.

Maladaptive behaviors consist of:
  • Behaviors destructive to professional identity
  • Behaviors neglecting personal health
  • Behavior detrimental to professional growth
  • Poor or inadequate behaviors for adapting to change
As you can see they are behaviors we all have displayed to various degrees throughout some point in our lives and careers.

How do you can you conduct a functional behavior assessment to determine whether your behaviors are maladaptive?
  1. Do you take steps to avoid being overcome with anxiety at work?
  2. Do you maintain a positive attitude at work?
  3. Do you seek physical activity and exercise?
  4. Do you avoid self medicate (alcohol, etc) to overcome stress at work?
  5. Do you offer input into your allocated workload?
  6. Do you offer input into your workpace?
  7. Do you offer input into your work schedule?
  8. Do you offer input into your desired career path?
  9. Do you seek clarity as to you job role?
  10. Do you seek opportunities to interact with others?
  11. Do you seek to make your work personally meaningful?
  12. Do you seek to have input into the decisions of your organization?
  13. Do you seek out opportunities for professional growth and training?
  14. Do you prepare in advance for impending changes in the organization?
  15. Do you avoid injecting negativity and complaints into the workplace?
If you can answer "yes" to the majority of the questions, you probably do not have major career issues related to maladaptive behavior. If you answer "no", you may need to continue on and develop a professional behaviors intervention plan.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maladaptive behavior huh, I answered "no" many times what can I do to develop a professional behaviors intervention plan? What is a professional behaviors intervention plan?

12:14 AM  

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