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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Harmonizing Conflict Management

The harmonizing style of conflict management puts the relationship of the interacting parties before the conflict at hand. When utilizing this technique you may find yourself giving in to the other person for the sake of the relationship.

There are two situations in which this technique is particularly useful.

One is when we are caught off guard by the conflict and the other party is well prepared. In these circumstances when we find ourselves situationally outmatched the technique allows us to save face and move forward.

As second instance in which this technique is in the client service model. It is nearly always more important to maintain a positive relationship with a client than it is to be victorious in a confrontantion. This is especially true if your are goal oriented toward repeat business.

On the other hand, when over used this technique can manifest some negative results. If you find yourself over utilizing this strategy and always putting the needs of other before your own you will find yourself with a build up of feelings of resentment.

Another negative occurs when dealing with the unscrupulous. Those persons who perceive this technique as a weakness will always put their own interest in the self before the good of the many.

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